Sunday    6/12/2022     Summary FIRST READING: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 In the Bible, wisdom is portrayed in terms sometimes human […]
Sunday   6/5/2022      Summary FIRST READING: Acts 2:1-21 Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples they would […]
Sunday   5/29/2022   Summary   FIRST READING: Acts 16:16-34 Those who had enslaved a girl and used her powers to tell […]
Sunday  5/22/2022    Summary FIRST READING: Acts 16:9-15 A vision compels Paul to move his ministry into Greece. There he […]
Sunday  5/15/2022   Summary FIRST READING: Acts 11:1-18 In defense of his earlier baptism of non-Jewish believers, Peter demonstrates to the […]
Sunday   5/3/2022     Summary   FIRST READING: Acts 9:36-43 Dorcas was a faithful and devoted woman of charity in the […]
Sunday   5/1/2022      Summary   FIRST READING: 9:1-6 [7-20] Saul (later called Paul) was an ardent persecutor of all […]
Sunday    4/24/2022     Summary FIRST READING: Isaiah Acts 5:27-32 Peter has been arrested for proclaiming the good news of […]
Sunday  4/17/2022     Summary  Happy Easter     FIRST READING: Acts 10:34-43 Peter crosses the immense religious and social boundary […]
Sunday  4/10/2022    Summary   FIRST READING: Isaiah 50:4-9a This text, the third of the four Servant Songs in Isaiah, […]